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Psalms 34:14 – Depart from evil, and do good; seek peace, and pursue it.

There is a place where God visits regularly. A place where prayer is ringing out in the light of the day and in the shadows of the night. A place where lives are changed and the works of our Savior are abounding.

There is a place there on Mulberry Street. A peace that makes the nerves numb and the heart surrender to places it has never been. A feeling of comfort that brings a quiet about you and hums through the air without making a sound.

As the sun wakes and spreads it's wings, the warmth of it wakes the flowers from a somber sleepy night. The breeze here on Mulberry Street will make them dance and show off the colors that depict their pleasant disposition.

The red maples almost seem to blush in the glow of the evening lights, embarrassed by their own beauty. Then the lights fall gracefully through the night air. Floating like a blanket that is being spread across the ground.

The passerby's slow and visually inhale the picturesque view in wonderment to find these visions in this neighborhood. Not knowing the true meaning of what this area of Mulberry Street really means and not a hint of what really can happen here. Unfortunately, some who live here do not either.

The Bright red doors on the chapel are a hint of the importance of the messages behind them. The death and life commitments. The war between good and evil. Though the color could not possibly tell of what is at stake. However, the words of truth echoing inside can, but only if those words are truly being sought.

God visits Mulberry Street. On a regular basis. This is a fact. My heart has proof. God works here on Mulberry Street also. With every stone cast out, with every root torn from the place it took life, be it on the lawn or in a heart. Right next to me, he counts the stones I move and keeps my tools and my tongue steady and true.

My vision is so clear here, my heart fuller than ever before. Even with all the vile that has so far been removed, at times I feel as though it may burst with the presence of new found love, focus, determination and hope.

God makes Soldiers. He changes lives. He tells the story of sacrifice in more detail than any mortal could ever depict. I pray here on Mulberry Street. This is the place where I have learned to open my heart to him, to ask for my strength, the wisdom, and also for the honor of being part of his Army.

Tonight, as I prepare to lay my head down, I will ask my Father again for the honor of being his next Elijah. I will lay my cross next to my bed and asked Him for the courage to use it wisely in times of need tomorrow and the peace of knowing he is with me.

All this I pray, as the red maples blush and the flowers dance, here on Mulberry Street.

John Horton

April 11, 2011