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Jacob House Men's School of Discipleship

Soldiers of the Cross

The CrossThe greatest joy that can ever come from the program arises from learning what it means to pick up your cross in the daily life, and then coming into services having picked up that cross with an ear to hear everything that God desires to speak to you about Christ. The cross cuts a channel through any sin or hinderance in your life so that Jesus can pour His spirit into you.

As a man continues in this life he becomes a "Soldier of the Cross" and a servant of God among men. No matter where you go to work during your Zadok House time or where you go after graduation, the foundation laid early on will stand up strong on the inside of you against temptation and compromise.

Jesus leads His disciples down the narrow road of death to self, which leads to an "upper room" experience and the enduement with power from on high to go forth in pentecostal power and holiness.

Called to be Fishers of Men

Jesus gives all disciples the great commission to go into all the world and make disciples in every nation. The closer you grow to the Lord while in the program will birth a tenderness and love towards the souls of men.Fishing with Jesus Jesus called the first disciples out of sweating to reel in fish and into a life that reels in lost man, applying all the lessons of discipleship you learned to labor with passion and to sweat for others.

Many men will come in with broken homes, friendships and family lives that have been devastated by sin. The Jacob House is the opportunity to be changed, and take the healing power of Jesus to a lost and dying world in love.

We pray you will take up this journey, and that your life would become a beautiful expression of the life changing power of Jesus Christ... from sin to salvation, and selfishness to servanthood.