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Jacob House Men's School of Discipleship

Discipleship Training

The core of the program is designed to bring a student into a life of discipline. Anyone who does not see a need for discipline in their life, or is unwilling to come under discipline will not receive any benefit from the program, will not graduate and will never truly follow Jesus.

two men conversingThe only method of training is created through situations in the daily life. You cannot grow and be changed by book learning. We place importance on the preached word, personal Bible study, morning classes and chapel sessions as a part of training, but the real victory occurs as the knowledge takes on substance in the daily prayer life and dealing with others.

Besides practical situations and digging deep into the riches of God's Word, another aspect of growth comes from submitting to the program guidelines. Nothing we ask is impossible to perform. It only becomes impossible for a man to continue on when he rejects God's use of “small” ordinary tasks to make a man extraordinary and “great”. A man who walks in obedience and humility will experience a love and friendship with Christ he never dreamed possible.

The guidelines set forth can enable a man to live a clean, healthy, peaceful life that glorifies God, blessing the people he meets.