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School of Christ International

A Short History of the School

The very first School of Christ Graduates 1992On October 1, 1992, the first School of Christ was born. One hundred and two students from all across the former Soviet Union came to be trained. Three months later, Christmas 1992, we graduated one hundred of that one hundred and two students and sent them forth into cities and villages where the Gospel had not been preached and to plant the church of Jesus Christ. Five and one half years later, there were 2,000 native missionaries who had graduated the School of Christ and have gone forth to plant over 3,000 new churches, and the number is growing everyday.

The first School of Christ Graduates in the U.S. 1997In April 1995, we took the School of Christ into Peru. Two years later, we had over 500 native missionaries, trained in the School of Christ who had planted over 300 new churches. We have moved from Peru to all but four countries of South America.

In 1997 we held the very first School of Christ in the United States. Seven of those graduates served on short missions trips with the School of Christ, while four other graduates continue to serve full-time with the School of Christ, Brian Larsen who is our Director for South America, Stephen Cartwright who is our Director for Africa and works on staff at our main office as the Media coordinator, Randy Munter who is our Director for the Prison Correspondence Course and works on staff at our main office as the SOC Webmaster, and Wanette Munter who is also on staff at our main office working with the Prison Correspondence Course.

The School is in, or is in the process of moving into every country in Central America. At the end of 2000 the School of Christ was in every Spanish speaking country on earth. In every country where the School is functioning the results are the same. Since 2000, the School has literally been around the world. Bro. Clendennen just recently returned from China, Europe and Russia with the School. Our latest report out of India is the testimony of revival, a nation where one of every six humans live. We are graduating four hundred students a month, and they are spreading the flames of revival across the subcontinent. The School has been into Eygpt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and will be going into Israel soon. If all goes as planned, in the next twelve months we will have the School in every Moslem nation.

The first week of October 2004 we will open the first School of Christ in Albania. Albania is the modern name of Illyricum mentioned in Romans 15:19. From Albania, in the next eighteen months, we will disciple Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia and Greece. We will rekindle the fire started by the Apostle Paul two thousand years ago

August of this year, the School of Christ was named the official voice for sixty-nine prisons in twenty-seven states. The prison officials have given us two hours a day, five days a week.

October of 2004, will be our twelfth year. In that short time, the School of Christ has literally covered the globe making it perhaps the most effective missions tool ever. We are now in well over 100 countries and the demand for the school continues to grow. The pace at which the school is now moving defies imagination, this can only be by the workings of the Holy Spirit.

- Pastor B.H. Clendennen, 2004