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Jacob House Men's School of Discipleship

Living Environment

Over the years we have come from humble beginnings with the bare necessities within the houses, to a completely renovated complex for raising true disciples. Both the Jacob and the Zadok House have been renovated from the ground up, providing incoming studentsChapel with excellent living conditions to set standards for cleanliness and future living. Attention to detail has been very important through the history of the Jacob House program.

The emphasis remains set on discipleship and excellence, and in that spirit we have consistently remodeled, increased and beautified as the money has come in. Now the rooms, chapels, libraries and dining area have come together as a facility that would rival a commercial bed and breakfast.

Every student is given a room with a desk for study, adequate clothes storage and a place to lie down at night. Students can expect a rigorous schedule that still allows for free time and rest to be enjoyed.