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Jacob House Men's School of Discipleship

Jacob House Men's Discipleship Program

Welcome to the Jacob House and Zadok House Christian Discipleship Program for men. We would like to take you on a tour of the ministry to discover who the ministry is for, what a student can expect when coming to the program and what we aim to accomplish in men's lives by the grace of God.

jacob houseWe absolutely believe that God wants to bring every man, woman, boy and girl into a school of discipleship, and that there is no mountain of sin in a person's life that God cannot conquer. The greatest men who have walked the face of the earth were true disciples!

Through the years we have seen God use the program as a weapon to fight the destructive powers of drug abuse in men's lives, but don't confuse the program as a drug rehab... it's not that at all. Men have come in with drug problems, but have found their time with us to be so much more than dropping a few lousy habits. Your life can be transformed by the power of the living Jesus!

zadok houseThis program is simply an environment to promote the work that must be done in a man's life to follow Jesus and become "more than conquerors". There is no life on the face of this earth that is too far gone, or "too bad" for Jesus to make righteous. The only requirement is the same as its always been: having a desperate need and believing that Jesus can meet that need, and He's never turned one away yet. We have people who have dedicated their lives to see you grow strong in Christ.