Acts America

New Covenant Fellowship Church

Pastor Danny Kirby

Pastor KirbyPastor Danny Kirby and his wife Beth both got saved in January of 1979, a month later they got engaged and were married in September. Two years later they got filled with the Holy Ghost, three years after they were filled they were both called to preach. They started out with about ten people and from there the Lord has brought them to where they are now. They have been blessed with two children, Andrew and Christian, and two grandchildren, Jacob and Annalise. They live in the parsonage next to the church.

Few preachers preach like this man and woman do, they preach the pure Word of God, black and white, no gray. They live what they preach, you could follow them around and no matter where they are or what they are doing they behavior like true men and women of God, they have allowed God to mold them into true disciples of Christ. They have a rare loyalty to God and His word, they preach the word with clarity and passion. The are dedicated shepherds to their congregation, they sacrifice their own personal lives and time to tend to the needs of their sheep. We, the people of New Covenant are truly thankful to be so blessed with a true man and woman of God.