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New Covenant Fellowship Church

Children's Ministry

We take great joy in teaching our children from the time they are small about this great God that we serve. We endeavor to impart the importance of salvation and living unto the Lord to them every time we teach. boys reading bibleThere is a nursery provided for both the congregation and visitors for each service. The babies and toddlers are well taken care of as parents sit and hear the Word free of any distractions. On Sunday morning we have Sunday School for ages 7-12 in our upstairs classrooms. Sunday School begins promptly at 9:00am and the children are escorted downstairs to the main sanctuary after their class where they sit with their families for the duration of the service. We feel that by the age of seven children should begin to learn how to be attentive and reverent in a church service. We believe it is important to expose them to corporate prayer, live worship and the preached Word at a young age. We want to begin building a foundation that one day when they receive Christ as their Savior they have a good start in their walk with the Lord. We are firm believers in disciplined children who are respectful and reverent to the Lord and the House of God.

Our older children have a ministry on Friday nights where they go to local nursing homes and hospice centers. They go room to room visiting, singing and witnessing to the residents there. They also are heavily involved in what we call Bible Time, this a ministry dedicated to reaching children in the projects for Christ. We do not offer several different programs and activities for our youth, we believe that going to church is apart of being a Christian and as a born again Christian, whether they are six or sixteen, you will not have to entertain them or keep them interested in God and church. As Christians there is a God-given desire put into our hearts to be in church, hear God's Word, and live as a Christian. Our children are gifts from God, special little people put into this world for a reason. We endeavor to teach them at they have a purpose and place in the Kingdom of God. This world needs a generation that will bring us back to what the church is suppose to be.

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“And it shall come to pass in the last days, I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh,
and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy.”

Acts 2:17; Joel 2:28