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Report from Rome, Italy

Pastor was very excited when he returned home from Italy. The services went very well. Pastor remarked that the congregation was one of the most respectful and hungry people he had ever preached to. There was freedom to preach the Word and also a freedom for the Spirit to move among the people. Pastor was invited to come back to Italy next year. He was very blessed and excited about going back again.italy

Pastor was able to see some of Rome while he was there. He was able to visit the Colosseum, the prison where the apostle Paul was held, and also Vatican City. Seeing these places and the ruins of what was once the most powerful empire in the world stirred an excitement in Pastor Kirby and in his congregation at home. To see the Colosseum, where people laughed and cheered as thousands of Christians were brutally killed. To see the Vatican, the headquarters of Catholicism, that great stronghold that blinds and binds millions of people and wars against Christianity. Looking at all this and then stepping into a church of about 100 people, hearing the noise of prayer, seeing a people hungry for the Gospel, a people burdened with reaching their people. In the mist of all the ruins and a history of a race completely against God and Christianity, a place where Caesars considered themselves gods. In this place, there is a body of believers who are standing strong and preparing themselves for the coming of Jesus Christ!

Photos from Italy