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Testimonies from Our Youth

Elizabeth's Praise Report

Sunday night while Ms. Beth was preaching she confirmed some things that had been said up in class that afternoon. But when she spoke it from the pulpit I really heard God speak to me.I had been kinda nervous lately because I wasn't hearing Him like I knew I could, but that night I heard Him, I haven't heard His voice like that in a long time. Ms. Beth was saying that no matter what you see in your life or how little growth is going on that God will still hear your cry. I got so thankful for what I was hearing, especially since God was making it so real to me. I went down to the altar to ask the Lord for His strength and grace to do what I knew He was asking of me and to thank Him for speaking to me. As I was praying, Christian came down and prayed for me, again the Lord spoke to me while she prayed and encouraged me that He was listening and heard my heart. I am very thankful for the opportunity that God has given me. Please keep me and the work God is doing in me in your prayers.

" Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”Matthew 5:15-16

~Elizabeth Santiago (Age 14) Submitted 2009

Taylor's Testimony

“I am going through one of the hardest times of my life right now. I know this is going to prepare me and strengthen me for something down the road. I'm learning to trust God and find Him as my rock and hiding place.

When I went to Texas with my mom and sister for awhile, I thought that it would be fun to get a “reprieve”, to get away from church and be able to do what I wanted to do. After a few days I was sick of it. After being spoon fed the world and everything I ever thought I wanted, everything that sounded like fun, I didn't want it. God took the desire for the world away by showing me that there is nothing out there. I can say that because I know. You can go have fun but when the day is over, you just lay in bed with emptiness, it's just miserable.

I find a peace being where I belong. But He isn't satisfied with me just being here and “existing”. He is teaching me to get closer to Him. I have heard all my life that Jesus never fails and when you are overwhelmed you can run to Him, and that He mends the broken heart. Well, now I am finding that to be true. I'm finding it out by experience and not head knowledge only. Every time my heart has been broken and I ran to Him, He has calmed me. There have been times I've been overwhelmed and scared, but I can say He wipes away every tear. When all seems lost and the storm is raging all around you, He will calm your hear,t if you just run to Him. There is a quote that says, “Sometimes the Lord calms the storm . . . and sometimes He lets the storm rage and calms His child” ~Author Unknown.

I have also seen the Lord intervene in some serious situations that have occurred. My family and I prayed for God to intervene in our situations and a few days later, we saw God answer our prayers! He did that for me! He did it because He loves me and I asked Him to. He did it because He knew where I was and what I needed. That's just who He is.

Sometimes I wonder what the Lord could possibly see in me. Sometimes I keep on failing and messing up and I think “how in the world can I say 'sorry' again and come back to Him after I have made a million mistakes, how could I?” Well, in Christian's class she told me that she had seen a hunger in me the past few weeks. When she said that, God came right on the heels of it and said, “See, I do see something in you, now rise up and let's go.” And that is exactly what I'm doing and He is giving me the grace I need every step of the way.

There is no pit so deep that God is not deeper still” ~ Betsy Ten- Boom

Written by: Taylor Cordle (Age 14) Submitted in 2010

Please keep Taylor and her family in your prayers!


Stephanie's Praise Report

On Sunday March 20th, God came and He spoke to me about being loyal unto Him which is to be faithful and to have an allegiance to Him. Sunday, God was pushing me into a tight spot and told me "You are in a crisis and you need to have faith in me". Then Sister Beth started preaching about commiting yourself to God and if we do that He will commit Himself to us and give us strength in a time of need and to surrender and have a yeilded heart before Him. Then when Mrs. Beth was done preaching I went to the altar and asked God to bend and break me. I told Him that I commited myself to Him and that I would surrender my whole heart to Him. When I stood up I felt a heavy burden just fall off of me. I started to pray in the Holy Ghost (in tongues) and it just flowed like a river! Now I have a joy unspeakable. I have a desire and a hunger to hear God's Word. When I hear the Word now, I have more of an understanding of it!

Written By: Stephanie Smith (Age 11) Submitted in 2011