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Reaching Our World

~ Friday Night Ministry

Every Friday night of the month, while our congregation attends the Friday Night Prayer Meeting, our children, ages 10 to 18, go to four different rest homes and hospice centers.

  • globe in hand1st Friday – Kitty Askins
  • 2nd Friday – Willow Creek
  • 3rd Friday – Brian Center
  • 4th Friday – Fremont Rest Home

The staff and children go room-to-room visiting, singing, praying and witnessing to the residents as the Lord leads. We have been doing this for a few years now and have seen people saved and have even seen some healed! It is not the easiest ministry since the patients are usually tired and medicated. We interact with the hard-of-hearing, Alzheimer’s and mentally handicapped patients. This can be a big challenge when trying to witness and carry on a conversion. We truly endeavor to see God glorified as we go out to these facilities. The staff and children come early to pray so that our hearts are prepared before we leave. We truly desire to be used of God at these rest homes and we are determined to allow the Lord to teach us how to perfect every aspect of this ministry.

~ Bible Time

Many years ago, when the church first started, we had what we call “Bible Time” where young and old would go to the projects of the city and spend time with the children in the projects. We have just begun Bible Time again and our children have jumped right in and are involved in each aspect of this ministry.

We go out twice a month on the 2nd and 3rd Saturdays. We split up in groups and go door-to-door passing out brochures announcing the event. On the 3rd Saturday we set up for the children to come, laying out chairs and tables. The children come for about an hour, at which time we teach them a short Bible lesson and pass out coloring sheets and a newsletter with next month's lesson outline. After the lesson we spend time talking and playing with some of the children before they go home. We have been able to meet several children and spend quality time witnessing with them and some of their parents. We look forward to the fruit that we know God will bring in the near future.

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