Acts America

Acts America School of Pentecost

Message from the Leaders

Pastor and Mrs. KirbyWe are passionately stirred about what God through this school holds in store for your life and eternity. Years of preparation, trials, discipline, and just loving the Lord have gone into the making of the School of Pentecost. We will endeavor to preach everything God will give us in order to get you filled with this life giving, life altering Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

There are many who have met God in miraculous power at the altar and we fully expect this experience to fill your heart within the ten days of the school. Jesus wants to fill you with the Holy Ghost. The Son of God came to this earth to suffer on the cross and bare your sin in His body on the tree in agony, only to resurrect a Bride to walk in Pentecostal power. The greatest revival and glory the earth has ever know is about to be poured out in the former and latter rain in one marvelous outpouring. You have the opportunity to come and step into what God is doing in the earth just before He raptures the Church to be with Him forever.