Acts America

Acts America School of Pentecost

How Education in the School of Pentecost Works

The school works by coming to hear God's Word with an open heart and allowing that Word to change the way you think, the way you speak and the way you live. It begins with the student giving God a small crack in their heart, allowing the Word that they hear to have first place in their life. Then by the end of the 10 days that same student has the potential of being radically changed and filled with the Holy Ghost. By walking in obedience to what you hear, you will be supernaturally changed from the inside out.

Every student that comes through the School of Pentecost will hear the same message. They will all hear the truth with clarity and passion. They will hear a Gospel that most of the "church world" has gotten away from.

They will hear the uncompromising Word of God that is able to set free from all bondage and conform them into the image of Christ. They will not hear intellectual or motivational speeches, but a Word spoken through a frail and flawed vessel that has been inspired and breathed upon by The Holy Ghost. That same Word will challenge the student to rise to the occasion and be a real man or woman of God. It will reveal every bit of darkness in the heart of the hearer and then give the hearer the power to overcome all that the Word revealed.