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Welcome! Acts America is a School of Pentecost dedicated to raise up Christian Disciples in the fullness of the Holy Spirit, whose works we read about in the Book of Acts... True disciples who know their God, act upon His Word, and go on to become living epistles that change the world around them.

We want to show you what we believe God has blessed us to be a part of through prayer and loyalty to God's word. The Lord has allowed us to be a part of His last day movement and we hope that what you're about to see will stir and provoke your heart.

All through the Bible we see how every time God's people would go astray God would always preserve them. He would send them prophets, messengers and even His own Son to turn their hearts back to Himself. We believe we are living in the last days, we look around us and there is sin and destruction on every side. The second coming of the Lord is right upon us and we believe that the last day out-pouring of the Holy Spirit is just around the corner. Once again God is going to reach out to His people and give them a chance to turn their hearts back to Him. God is going to sweep across this country one more time before He comes to rapture His church home, one last Great Awakening. We believe that Acts America is a part of that.

We want to raise up men and women who will take Pentecost to each and every state in this Union. We are anticipating the lost being saved, families restored, marriages mended, prodigals coming home, the sick being healed, dead and dry churches being awakened. We want to be apart of God's last day movement and we want you to be too.