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“Are You Really Saved??” from the heart of an 18 year old.

What If I've Been Baptized?

Some people believe that if you have been baptized you have been “saved”. Water Baptism is a symbol of your salvation, a public declaration of what has taken place in your life whether you have gotten baptized shortly after you got born again or years later. Being baptized in water symbolizes the washing away of your sins. It doesn't not literally wash your sins away, only Jesus Christ can do that. Water baptism makes you no more saved than you were before. As we've said, salvation is giving your heart to the Lord. It is a surrender and yielding of the heart. A lot of people say they are saved because they got baptized in water or they got dedicated to the Lord when they were a child. If you have never asked Jesus to come into your heart and have made a total surrender of your life to Jesus and you are walking in that commitment you have never been born again. Getting baptized in water and being dedicated to the Lord are good things, but when the heart and life style are not following in that you have not been supernaturally changed by God. Being baptized in water comes after you get saved, you are letting everyone know that you have given your heart to Jesus and that you are living your life for him.