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New Covenant Guest House

Guest Comments

Thank you Lord, Pastor, Sister Beth and everyone that had a part in preparing this home, and for giving us the privilage to be the very first family to be blessed with staying in this most "Beautiful" home... the days we have spent in this home have blessed us beyond words.

~ from NJ, July '05

Thank you for your genuine hospitality and welcome! What an honor to stay in this beautiful home and experience true rest. I was so blessed to see and experience true power filled preaching that is equipping ordinary men to be the standard and go out... preaching and living the gospel. I am refreshed, convicted, confirmed and dissatisfied for what is... I yearn deeply for what could be with the Holy Spirit's power.

~ from NJ, October '05

What a blessing to stay at the House of Simeon. It enabled me to visit a little longer and have a sweet time of fellowship. You've done a beautiful job with the house and thought of everything to make it feel like home. Thank you. When I first visited here ten years ago it was my first introduction to a spirit-filled church. I notice the joy people had and how they talked about Jesus outside of church... like they knew Him! I wanted to know Him like that! Through this introduction, I have come to know our Lord Jesus, become born-again and filled with the Holy Spirit. God is awesome! I will be eternally grateful for your lives and obedience and your walk.

~ from PA, June '06

Thank you for your wonderful hospitality! This house is beautiful and quite comfortable. You made us feel very welcome here. May every person who was involved in making this home be blessed.

~ from KY, November '05

Thank you for the love extended through everything, prayers, labor, smiles, hugs, handshakes. I thank the Lord for the blessing that each one of this church family has been to me, from the youngest to the oldest. These days will be among my cherished memories. I came to receive and He gave me through you.

~ from NJ, August '05

What a time of the sweet fragrance of the Lord. We have been refreshed, convicted, ministered to and loved. Thank you for creating a place where His presence can be felt, enjoyed and longed for.

~ from NJ, August '05

Thank you for providing me with such a wonderful place to stay and feeding me a true, rich and convicting word! The Lord has surely done a beautiful thing with this home and with this church and I know He will continue to do so. He has used you as a vessel in my life. I feel honored to sit under this true word that is becoming so rare in our day.

~ from NC, January '06

We gratefully thank you for allowing us to use this house on our way down to my father's house. We enjoyed the beautiful orderly house. All of your thoughtfulness was quite obvious here. May God bless you with more of Himself for blessing us.

~ from NY, April '07

A new year, a new renewing of our spirit. God is our refuge and our strength in Him we will endure. Thanks to all for making our stay here so wonderful and loving. God is truly in this place.

~ from NJ, January '06