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New Covenant Guest House


By the grace of God, we have a completely furnished home for visiting families that have been completely bought and paid for. Guest House BackyardThis home is meant for you to come and seek the Lord, but to also enjoy the lovely furnishings and relaxation that the home provides.

House of Simeon has been designed to house a large family of up to nine people. The house holds 2 bedrooms downstairs and 1 upstairs bedroom with 2 beds. There is a fully functional kitchen, eating area, 2 living room areas and 2 bathrooms as well as a washer/dryer utility room. The backyard has been fenced and landscaped to provide each guest with a private prayer area alone with God and nature.

The house is located within a short walking distance to the sanctuary and visitation areas for families of the Jacob House men. We are very thankful for what God has given, and wish to extend it to you for a getaway that you won't forget.