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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need permission to reprint the Acts America texts and articles on this site?

You may copy and reprint any Acts America School of Pentecost text or article on this site as long as you adhere to these stipulations... Articles must be copied in their entirety without editing. They must be for personal use only and never to be sold for a price. Proper acknowledgement must be given to Acts America School of Pentecost and its authors. No copy or reprint is to be placed in any electronic form on any other website.

May I copy an audio file (mp3) from the Acts America website and post it on my own website?

We do not allow the posting of audio files on other websites apart from written permission. To request permission to post any file on your website please email us stating your website, which message(s) you would like to post, and how long you plan on having the file posted. We do allow and encourage linking to the audio on our own website,

May I make copies of Acts America audio files for my own use or to send to others? 

If you want to make copies of the audio files for your own non-commercial, personal use or to give away to family and friends, go ahead! You don't need to ask our permission. We welcome you to share the Word you've found with others, but only ask that you let people know about our website,

We do not grant permission for the resale of Acts America audio files apart from a written contractual agreement.

May I use an excerpt or sound byte from a Acts America recording?

You must obtain prior permission from before you use a selected excerpt from a audio recording. We would like to know what you plan to use and how you plan to use it to avoid being misinterpreted due to a statement pulled out of its context. Email your permission request to


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